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All About Muscles is a therapeutic massage clinic, where we work together to tailor a treatment plan that best suits YOUR needs.

I am based in Old Bar and service client form all over the region why not ask about Corporate massage where I come to your workplace.

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Enjoy your time and Relax


Drink lots of WATER

Drinking the water helps the body flush out any accumulated materials in the muscles (toxins) which were released during the massage. Massage stimulates circulation in the body while expressing water, salt, and other minerals from the muscles, and circulation is designed to carry away waste materials generated by cells. By providing the body with plenty of water, massage clients can help sweep away these waste materials; otherwise, they might build up, causing muscle aches and soreness after a massage.

Pay attention your body

Massage can sometimes leave you with sore muscles, this should only last a day or two. If you are not one to get massages often, or do not exercise and are not used to using the muscles, then they may respond with soreness. If you have any soreness tell your therapist at your next treatment.

Take a bath

A nice warm bath (not hot) is very soothing after a massage you might like to add Epsom Salts as this is Magnesium Sulfate, which is a natural muscle relaxer. After a massage a bath and epsom salts should help drowned out toxins, to be flushed out of the body.


After a massage you may feel tried this is completely normal listen to your body this is your time to recover, repair and retune your self. Massage is not just a workout on the body it's a workout on the mind as well it helps with destress and relaxing this in turn may make you feel tired. Try not to make any big plans after your massage, your muscles have just been given a workout (especially if you’ve had deep tissue work), and need time to recover. 

Welcome emotions 

Both during and after a massage you might feel a range of emotions, as your body relaxes its normal for the body to release the emotional baggage we are holding on to.  Sometimes if you have been experiencing stress on a high level you may feel the need to cry, alternatively you may feel over the moon and elated or full of energy.Either is a natural response go with it try not to suppress your emotions allow them to come and you will feel much better afterwards.



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Neck and shoulders massage

Neck and shoulders massage