Welcome to AAMMT Old Bar

Massage Therapy

AAMMT is a home based massage clinic in Old Bar specialising in Oncology massage, I’m qualified in Remedial, Sports and Relaxation massage.

What will a consultation consist of?

1st appointments consist of:

  • Detailed health history

  • Assessments posture & active movements 

  • Treatment

  • Take home maintenance for between consultations

1st appointments take a little longer then a returning client, please allow for the extra time.


Returning client appointments consist of:

  • Review of past treatments & take home program

  • Assessments before & after treatment

  • Treatment

  • Take home maintenance program

The reason behind take home actives is to improve overall results. I believe that I can help you move towards better body balance, however it's a team effort and you need to do your part as well.