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All About Muscles Consultation are client focused please read carfully below about different types of treatment available. Please Note Remedial massage is not full body treatments only one or two focus areas per consultation. A full body Remedial massage would take all day…

If claiming with your health fund please bring you card to consultation to claim via Hicaps terminal. Please be aware of your health insurance policy as relaxation massage is not claimable with most health funds.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage Consultations consist of health assessment and massage treatment

With Remedial Massage we target 1 or 2 areas of complaint only not whole body, through assessments we can narrow down which muscles to work on within treatment.

Clients will be given take home maintenance programs, remedial massage is about helping the client to help themselves.

Massage Treatment may include, stretching, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and Mobilisation 4 different levels:

Grade I – small amplitude movement at the beginning of the available range of movement
Grade II – large amplitude movement at within the available range of movement

Grade III – large amplitude movement that reaches the end range of movement
Grade IV – small amplitude movement at the very end range of movement

Relaxation & Oncology Massage

Relaxation & Oncology Massage

Relaxation massage aims to de-stress, loosen up your muscles, body and mind. Relaxation massage is great for those who have had a hard working week or just feel like treating themselves to some TLC! Relaxation massage is a pain-free way to relax both your muscles, your mind and is a great way to treat headaches.

These are a NO DEEP tissue relaxation massage treatment.

Oncology Massage is mindful, intentioned massage that is adapted to suit the needs of and to work safely with the person who has cancer.

Oncology Massage is a gentle, safe, and effective massage technique that is comforting and nurturing for anyone with cancer, a history of cancer or in a fragile state of health.

Why Not Ask About Bone Marrow Support Sequence, Its Lovely & Relaxing for EVERYONE.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

No matter what your sport is, massage can help with the recovery of tight muscles, aches or pain that can be attributed to sporting actives.

The aim of sports massage is to aid recovery and relieve muscle spasm through massage, stretches, and a variety of muscular release.

Plan for Injury Prevention, Pre-event or Post-event massage treatments are available.